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Kalebr Projects platform is an intuitive, project based learning platform that supports STEAM activities using exciting, real world themes. Projects platform engages students with hands on making and coding activities that bring 21st Century Skills into your classroom.

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Making and coding

Making and Coding

21st century skills

21st century skills

Project based learning

Project based learning

Platform access

Platform access

Complete kit

Complete kit

Project Based Learning

Finding the time to build, design and create engaging STEAM projects for your students is challenging. Free yourself from the current time shackles of project based learning with Kalebr Projects platform.

Finally, a platform that takes care of the heavy lifting and provides a true holistic learning solution for project based learning.

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21st Century Skills

We've all read the memo "We need to focus more time on 21st Century skills".

We've all thrown our hands up in the air due to the lacck of support and resources.


Kalebr Projects platform is the solution to your frustration.

Add 21st Century skills into your lesson plans while maintaining and improving students performance on curriculum based assessment.

Are you ready for 21st Century Skill development in your classroom?


Making & Coding

So what's all this fuss about making and coding?

Making is an innate human skill. We learn by doing, by making, and by solving problems; we always will. Coding is controlling computers to aid us in solving problems.

What happens when we mix the two? Students in your classroom start to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Imagine. Your students, using making and coding to innovate solutions to solve real world problems.

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Driven by content

At the core of Kalebr Projects is content. The content on Kalebr Projects is expertly curated and mapped to age appropriate curriculum.

The content is strong enough be a stand alone STEAM curriculum while being flexible enough to bolt right onto your current curriculum.

No fuss, no hassle; designed from the ground up to fit your classroom like a glove.

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Formative assessment

Simplified and mapped to your curriculum.

Providing regular, structured and constructive feedback to students, parents, and head teachers can be hard to track and time-consuming.

And it will always be reactive, not proactive.

With Kalebr Projects Platform, students and teachers give feedback in real time. The platform opens the classroom up for parents and head teachers with formative assessment being built right in.

Say yes to easy, trackable, and structured formative assessment.


All this and professional development?

Kalebr Projects has been built by teachers, for teachers. We have a network of teachers who we've analysed using the platform and we've learnt a lot.

Guess what? We've refined Projects so much, you already know it like the back of your hand. It was designed with you in mind, so you can forget about everything but inspiring the learning of all your students.

Stop doing admin and start inspiring today.

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After stating the need for STEAM skills in the classroom, PISA and TIMSS have included more problem solving, STEAM, application, and reasoning elements into their tests.

By focusing on STEAM, problem solving skills and design thinking, Kalebr Projects helps students solve the most difficult problems, even when they are in unfamiliar territory.

The solution can directly and indirectly improve PISA and TIMSS skills by equipping your students with the thinking skills required to apply their knowledge in a vast array of educational settings, both familiar and unfamiliar.

Demo an education solution that can increase PISA and TIMSS score today.


For students

Exciting and engaging real world and relevant themes that drive deeper knowledge and higher order thinking.

  • Self directed learning
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Making & Coding
  • Core STEAM topics
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For teachers

Effortlessly include making, coding and 21st century skills as part of the core curriculum while promoting innovation in the classroom.

  • Professional development
  • Measure and record 21st century skills
  • Introduce STEAM via theme based learning
  • Curated content and accessories
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Inside each kit:

  • Intel development boards for physical computing and theme based sensors and accessories for students to innovate
  • Full access to the online platform for collaboration, research and coding
  • Curated and curriculum mapped content, rubrics, activities, and user guides
  • Visual coding tool
  • IoT dashboard for students to perform big data analysis
  • Measure and record 21st Century Skills attainment
  • Engage students and enhance STEAM through cross curricular theme based learning
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